Bin mata hom(e), let us work together. A slogan which indicates that working together, making connections and sharing knowledge is fital for the people of West Papua.

samenwerkende organisaties west papua banner

The umbrella organization Cooperating Organizations for West Papua (SOWP) was founded in 2004 with the aim to collectively support humanitarian and sustainable development for the Papuan population on the Western part of the island of New Guinea, the current Indonesian provinces of West Papua and Papua hereafter: “West Papua ”. In 2019, the SOWP went to great lengths to inform the Dutch government and politicians and to coordinate responses in the press in response to the unrest in West Papua. The SOWP hope to raise awareness about the ever-increasing unrest in West Papua in the Netherlands and internationally. For example, the SOWP held press conferences, sent a newsletter and appealed to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Partners are: